Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Bay Players Club of Tampa Florida says THANK YOU!

To our former clients, fans and family of the Club:

Thanks so much for allowing us to entertain you; it was a tremendous honor!  Sadly, Bay Players Club disbanded as of Nov. 17th 2013.  We take with us the many happy memories you all made possible, and hope the best for everyone's future.

We'll see you again on another stage, perhaps!

All the Best,


(but in the meantime, don't forget to DANCE!)

Members Were:
Erika Flaskamp - Lead Vocals
Joel Chaffins - Lead Vocals
Nelson Mariscal - Guitars
Bill Kennedy - Bass, Vocals
Stefan Weissmueller - Keyboards, Vocals
David Winterhalter - Sax, Clarinet, Vocals
Patrick McKenzie - Trumpet
David Hope - Trombone
Pete Nieves - Percussion
Todd Taylor - Drums, Manager

Former Members:
Jevon Falcon - Trumpet
Daniel Joiner - Keyboards
Tom Wright - Guitars, Vocals

Between late 2011 and 2013, the Club recorded 50 short audio clips at Cantina Minor.


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  1. I felt I struck gold when I first heard Bay Players Club. Went to The Fox and Jackson's whenever you played. I hope whoever of you gets a band together, you'll let me know. Tampa Bay Adventures meet-up brings in a lot of dancers at their events. As f late, Twisted Martini, a newish club that I`m sure would have hired Bay City Players.


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